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@manuelmaly at CocoaHeads Vienna

Yesterday I held a talk on CGRectDivide at our Viennese Cocoaheads meetup (@cocoaheads_at). I ranted about AutoLayout a bit, and then explained what CGRectDivide is good and bad at. I also presented a smallish demo app which uses no AutoLayout at all, which you can find at Github (nevermind the ReactiveCocoa parts, those are still work in progress).

The takeaway is: Generating layouts procedurally (like using CGRectDivide) will make your code blazingly fast and, for some people (like me), easier to handle and control. However, you have to seriously DRY up your code and create UIView subviews to really benefit from this approach.

PS: We had a lively discussion after the talk where people eventually convinced me to at least give AutoLayout a chance again, especially given the latest changes in iOS8. I think that in some scenarios AutoLayout works well for me now.